Benefits of Short Hairstyles

Butch enables each of us with no problems to take care of hair. Butch always fashionable does not require complex care, short hair is easier to put in a fashionable hairstyle and they make the face younger and more suitable for women of any age. This hairstyle is very productive and good for all seasons, especially in winter, when the hair requires special care. But the hair should be in harmony with the facial features to emphasize the dignity and hide flaws. And short haircuts can help to solve many problems.

Problems solved by short haircuts

So, if a person is narrow and long, short hair with magnificent hair in the middle of the cheeks will make it more widely; long curls of ears and below the low fringe to eyebrows, even closing them, bangs on the forehead – all this creates the effect of the truncated face.

If a round face, with short hair, straight hair, closing the neck and extend to the corners of the lower jaw, will narrow it. At the bottom of a wide face, or as they say, square-jawed it is good to make a short cut to the chin. Straight hair covering detailed angles of the lower jaw can also lengthen and narrow a face.

If longish nose, the lush and low, up to the eyebrows, or even slightly lower in the short bangs hairstyle will hide this defect, focusing on hair. To reduce, cut, chin suit short hair with bangs to her eyebrows, passing around a line on the bottom of the temples, in front of the ears and goes down low and round to the back of the neck. This somewhat lengthens the face, visually emphasizing, as if pushing, the lower jaw.

Pros of short hairstyles

Low brow can be increased with short hair fluffy bangs, descending slightly below the eyebrows. The flat back of the head can be rounded shorthaired particularly lush in the top of the head and neck, curled, or comb hair, wearing a hairpiece. With a short neck and a better hair cut short.

Especially middle-aged women should not wear long hair: how loose and combined into a bundle, they are older. Smooth tightened in bun hairstyles, highlighting and opening the face, good only for young people with regular features.

But this “new” haircuts are very different from those that were popular during the twentieth century. Extra fashionable short haircut with milling, clipped ladder ends of the hair. Head, bangs and temples look chaotic, but retain the amount, if dry washed hair in different directions.

A very large demand is for asymmetric hairstyles. These hairstyles are very popular because they can be installed so that the hair will seem that short, then long, then trim, and even asymmetrical. In general, a real paradise is for stylish women who love and appreciate the diversity of originality.

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