Bob for short hair: the eternal trend

Bob is one of the most popular hairstyles for short hair that didn’t lose its popularity for many years. During its existence this hairstyle managed to acquire a number of different variants. The technology of bob hairstyles also slightly changed. Why bob is so popular?

The secret of its popularity in versatility, because bob is suitable for all hair types, for women of all ages and for every face shape. In addition, the basic bob haircut has a lot of options in the technology implementation and therefore it is always possible to find a more suitable option in each case. Practicality is the one more important advantage.

Types of bob haircuts

There are a lot of variants of the bob hairstyle. Usually the most suitable of them are selected by stylist, considering the characteristics of the client’s hair, its type and length. But all these embodiments may be divided into several main types:

  • Bob for short hair. The option is optimal for young girls, with thin, regular features. This cut makes for straight hair and for different types. It goes well with different types of bangs. On unusually colored hair such haircut looks particularly glamorous. Bob also draws attention to the line of neck due to the volume of round shape.
  • Bob on medium hair. This option is for an elegant, romantic nature. The line of transition from the neck to the front lock of hair can be a sharp, clear, or, conversely, smooth. The elongated form of haircuts is the best choice for women with large features, because flowing lines can make such face much softer;
  • Extraordinary women who are ready for experiment with their looks often choose asymmetrical bob. The main advantage of this option is the possibility of transformation of it into a classic model. This haircut opens more opportunities to hide flaws and highlight the dignity of face.


Hairstyling can be done by different methods:

  • Dryer is the ideal solution if you want to keep long lush styling. It will keep a well-groomed haircut for a whole day. You should start laying the rear, using a hairdryer and brush. Hair must be wet, processed with styling products. You should dry strand by strand with hair dryer at the same time giving the hair the desired shape. Fix styling hair in the end;
  • The technology of “wet hair” will be useful for those who love unordinary decisions. You can use Gel with special wet effect over the all hair, and then use a hairdryer to create a chaotic hairstyle. This stylish ruffled is very loved by daring and mischievous natures.

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