Choosing a Hairstyle for Short Curly Hair

Girls with oval or elongated face, wavy hair and graceful figure, is best-suited haircut with the style of “like a boy” or “Garson”.  The image of the charming, playful or romantic flirt may be supplemented or slanting bangs with graduated strands:

  • For those who have tight elastic curls and do not be afraid to experiment, enough to just cut your hair short, practically leaving only a few millimeters. This hairstyle will allow its possessor to look vulnerable, fragile and vulnerable;
  • Owners of the small curly curls would suggest afro-braids that give the head a ball shape and be executed in the style of the eighties. This option is a short hairstyle can become a fashion trend, if you add some accessories like flower ring, handkerchief or bandage;
  • Give special charm face with curly short hair bob haircut. In addition, the enable correct face some drawbacks;
  • To women with wavy hair, and are not afraid to experiment with the length grading and asymmetric strands, as well as depending on the shape of an oval face, age and personal preferences, perfectly short bob;
  • Grooming a ladder or cascade looks better on a slightly wavy hair, combined with thick bangs. Of course, if a girl has unruly hair, the bangs should be abandoned by. To avoid a painful procedure for laying it every day.

Curly hair suits a lot of cuts. One of the most important rules when choosing a hairstyle is the opinion of the master, he will pick up a form that will emphasize the dignity and hide flaws. But it is his opinion should not rely solely upon.

How to save the form of a short curly hairstyle?

Girls who do not have curls, usually very jealous of their owners and are not suspected as hard of keeping the mop of hair in order every day. It is very difficult to convert the unruly sticking out in every direction in spiral chic and luxurious curls, curb and tame them. This hairstyle looks like from God’s gift – naturally and easily, but in reality it is the result of daily attention and unrealistic Herculean effort. Such worries are transformed into real torture, if not to bring the situation under control and master the art of styling curly hair. It should be reserved arsenal of special equipment that will help ease combing and give softness obedient, to short hair always looked elegant, do not lose their shape throughout the day and fix supposedly carelessly scattered strands.

Do not be lazy to spend time and energy on their timing of obstinate sheep. The reward for your labors will be the title of back-breaking most stylish and sexy woman among your friends and acquaintances. After all, to highlight your good taste, you must correctly match, perfectly executed and laid a haircut.

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