Great Short Hairstyles for All Face Types

If you are a fan of short hair, but we doubt whether you or that haircut suitable site “beautiful and successful” is ready to help you figure it out. Indeed, short hair has a number of advantages:

  • With a good haircut hair always looks neat, and the time and effort spent on laying a little bit;
  • You can change the image as often as you want it, for as the hair grow (and in case of a short hairstyle is becoming noticeable pretty quickly);
  • For short hair is easier to care for and maintain their beauty and healthy appearance.

But choose a shorter hairstyle is not always easy: because it should ideally be combined with your appearance, appropriate to nature and just like you!

Choosing short hairstyles by the face type

The main criterion in the choice of hairstyle is not the type of person considered to be without foundation, and this is understandable: framing the face, hair, stacked or trimmed in any way, either successfully emphasize its strengths and correct weaknesses or spoil all impression of the image. The latter just want to avoid, especially if you have decided to get a haircut is short, so – opportunities for a variety of hair styling you will have less:

1) Oval face type

Oval face shape is considered ideal, and to pick up her hair possessor is not a problem. It is believed that an oval face fit all: the fringe of any shape, and its absence.

The only limitation is bang of oval-shaped: it is able to play with the winner of this typeface a cruel joke and make it a perfect shape too stretched.

Short, short hair typeface “perfect oval” can only be selected in accordance with the features of the figure and the structure of hair, but this will be discussed below.

2) Round face type

Chubby ladies should choose a hairstyle with volume crown and a small amount of hair on the sides. Slightly “pull” round face help multilevel haircuts or sparse side elongated strands framing the face.

Good for a round face, and options such as an asymmetrical haircut, oblique fringe, hair, arranged on one side.

Ideal for round face shapes is considered haircuts based on the “square”. Super-short and slicked back hairstyle round face possessor will not go.

3) Square face

If you have a square face, the choice of hairstyle principle is similar to the previous. You will also go a short cut, lengthen the face, it is worth the additional task: to soften your jawline. Assist in doing curls or soft locks, descending from the crown to the chin. The crown of the same should be done and lush volume.

Volume asymmetrical haircut or oblique fringe will also be a good option, but on long thick bangs, slicked back hair and open ears should be abandoned. The main principle of choosing a hairstyle with a square face shape – the amount and length of the side locks to the chin.

4) Triangular face

If you have a triangular face, give up all that is able to make the upper part of the face has a wider, ie from the top of a lush and too thick bangs. You come short haircuts bulking face in the lower part. This strand can be laid in the direction of the face.

In general, the choice of short hairstyles for a triangular type of person – not the best option, it is better to stay on the hair of medium length.

5) Rectangular face

The rectangular shape of the face is not as common, but it can also be adjusted using the clippers. For example, a fairly short thick bangs to visually help to make a person somewhat shorter. The bottom line of the face can be mitigated with the help of framing the face of the strands.

Do not interfere, and an additional amount in the region of the ears. Remember that a short haircut for a square type of face should not open ears.

All the above requirements and must comply with a short haircut for an elongated oval-shaped face, with the only proviso that the bottom line of the jaw does not need correction. Therefore, a haircut can be a little shorter than up to the chin.

The only type of woman who should still refrain from short hairstyles are ladies who prefer to wear things from a male’s wardrobe: in this case, they risk all to deprive their way halo femininity. If you prefer a men’s clothing, hair should choose a pointed-feminine, for example, with the curls, if such a short hairstyle for your face type is suitable. Suffice it to recall the fascinating image of Marlene Dietrich, who acted in this way.

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