Long bob hairstyle

Any woman interested in health of her hair, beautiful styling and gloss. To maintain the beauty of hair, we have a variety of cosmetics and folk remedies. But sometimes we want to change something, and we decide on a hairstyle.

Long bob for long hair – haircut for real women.

Bob haircut is known worldwide. Sharon Stone, Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes had their hair designed as long bob. This haircut is loved for simplicity of simplicity of making, and the original form of the hair. It can give you any style, without a time wasting.

For who fits this haircut?

Long bob came after classical variant; women love it for its opportunity to keep the length of the hair and at the same time to emphasize your style.

And, indeed! Bob on long hair looks versatility. This is one of the few options of bob, which allow to make a lot of options hairstyles for any taste.

You can try a high hairstyle braid plait hair or dissolve that for all admire their length. Do not think that long bob does not fit the type of your face. It is great on a round, oval, square, triangular face, and all thanks to the variability of haircuts.

Variations on the bob haircut with long hair

Hair “to heel” good because the hairdresser can experiment with their length and pick up an individual image. It is not limited to one or two models of haircuts. We’ll look at few different options.

Classic bob for long hair – with bangs or without bangs

For this type of bob is characteristic symmetrical shape when the hair stylist trims in a straight line. Asymmetry is not about the asymmetry. Typically, a hairdresser works with split ends, cutting 3-5 cm. It allows to make hair healthier, give it a magnificent form during installation.

Fringe is typical for the classic bob, but you can cut it, especially those who are characterized by a round face shape.


If you are interested in original haircuts, then this option is for you. This haircut is different in that the barber works asymmetrically, in other words, strands of your hair will be with a different lengths. You should not be scared of this, because if they are framing the face –  they are highlight your features special expressiveness, filled with images of charm and originality.


The main meaning of this hairstyle, that short strands are superimposed on top of long, located at the back. Complement of the image possible with tapering or calibration. Cascade can refresh your stile with ragged lines. They are will help to dilute the image and give it a bit of freshness, innovation, disobedience.

Best of all, such a haircut will fit the owners of straight hair, but the hosts thick curly locks have to abandon torn shades. Caring about the cascade is very easy. Fixing help smooth hair and give them the desired shape.

There are a lot of web-sites with haircut design content, for example you can visit this one: https://lebedinrda.info for additional information about haircuts and hairstyle.

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