Luxury Hairstyles for Girls

You’re going to see a lot of parties in 2016, you have long hair and you want every time to look for a new way? Then you should get acquainted with the simple advice about the choice of stylists evening hairstyles this season.

We must say, stylists, offering us careless and disheveled laying on each day, more solemn circumstances tend to see their clients with well-groomed hair styling and professional performance. Today you have the opportunity to get acquainted with current trends in a night hairstyle on long hair 2015. Tails, vintage styling, lush fleece … In general, there then be inspired to create your own image of the evening.

The best types of hairstyles for evening

  1. Evening tail is not the one that in everyday life, it is glamorous, stylish and can even say incredibly beautiful, it is necessary smoothly combed hair in a ponytail and wind the tail on large hair curlers or curling irons.
  2. Bulk hair – stylists favorite way to get you out. High curvy styling – the result of hard work. Hair should be dry, lifting the roots, then to comb them thoroughly and after that put in a chic hairstyle.
  3. Evening weaving – it’s not quite grungy braids because they are not always appropriate for the publication, there are more feminine fit smooth and wavy texture. Complex weave combined with ringlets and stacked hair waves perfect for creating complex, but definitely worthy of admiration evening pilings.
  4. High scene hairstyles with bangs look quite festive, it may be expired volume bundles, as well as the hairstyles with braids or texture laying strands. Fringe thus remains smooth.
  5. Bunches, bows of hair, shells, scrolls – smooth and neat updos relevant in the case where the image to create an evening in the additional volume and complex textures is not necessary. Simply and elegantly tucked away so hair stress bending the neck, open face and allow to show the diamonds in the ears.
  6. High hairstyles in a Baroque style is the popular trend of 2016. Of course, this is not under any outfit, “wear”, but how magnificently she can look at the wedding, especially if the corset dress with crinoline type, and open neckline.
  7. High cocoon – definitely requires courage of the girl. If we are resolved on a crazy bouffant in the form of a cocoon, it is necessary to properly fix it. Spray deliver the excellent basis for application to the fleece, it will increase the volume and to ensure the continued and stable fixation of the completed installation.

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