Nice Short Haircuts in 2015

Short hairstyle from year to year is traditionally headed the lists of the most popular women’s haircuts. In the season, 2015 short bob is one of the most fashionable and popular hairstyles. Modern haircut bob has many variations and is suitable for girls and women of any age and for any type of hair.

In 2015, the best hairdressing brands offer you a lot of fresh innovative solutions short haircut square. Do not be afraid to experiment with different variants of penalty, because even a slight change in the usual form of hairstyle can give you a whole new look of stylish charm.

Short hairstyle is universal and very easy to installation. Using different techniques of stacking penalty, you can easily change your image: from the elegant and romantic, feminine look to the image of the fatal Hollywood diva.

Short haircut bob with bangs on straight hair

Short elegant squares with sharp rectangular or oval lines look great on perfectly straight hair. Perfectly smooth, well-groomed and shiny hair will give your image a refined Hollywood glamor.

Stylish thick bangs made the blunt cut – a fashionable bar of the season 2015. The length of such a bang may be above the eyebrows, and to cover up the eyebrows, or eyebrows.

We recommend the fashion of the season 2015 form short haircut square, which is ideal for your face and hair type and favorably emphasize your natural beauty and charm as well as help you to determine the optimal length and shape bangs.

Short haircut bob with bangs on curly and wavy hair

If you are the owner of charming wavy or curly hair, short hair bob with bangs, you may be very becoming. If you have straight hair by nature, but you want to give your bob hairstyle volume undulation and motion, you can get help or curlers and blow-dry with a round brush, brushing.

Pay attention to an interesting variant of fashion styling quads – wavy hair ends in combination with the basal area and smooth bangs.

If you do not have the free time or desire to regularly styling, the easy bio-wave or long-term hair styling – this is exactly what you need.

Short bob without bangs on the straight and wavy hair

Short hairstyle without a bang or with a long sloping fringe remains popular in the 2015 season. Short bob without bangs looks equally good as an absolutely straight hair and the hair slightly curled inward or outward tips.

Fresh stylish accent your hairstyle will give perfectly straightened hair ends, underlined modeling gel. The optimum shape for you and length bob haircut recommend this hair stylist, focusing on the proportions of your face and fashion trends of the season. Try changing the usual arrangement of the parting, try feminine curls and waves textured strands of slight negligence in the style of grunge, retro motives … and you’ll be all the time different!

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