Some useful advices of hairstyling for women with round face

Choosing the right hairstyle for a round face will balance its outline, and thus visually make the face look more oval. Even if you are not the intended with target of visual making of your face more oval, the main thing is not to aggravate the situation. After all, process of choosing hairstyles and haircuts for round face has its own nuances. Let’s examine, what is this exactly. Also, you can find more interesting content about hairstyles and little lifehacks on this site:

In fact, the perfect hairstyle for round faces is doesn’t exist. Because of the fact, that the harmony of your hairstyle with your face and image as a whole is affected by lot of factors. Like the length of hair, its texture and volume, a person’s age, taste and lifestyle.

By following our recommendations, you can easily choose the perfect hairstyle just for yourself.

Meaning of hairstyles can not be overstated. Hairstyle can make one and the same more beautiful, but It could make it ugly too.

General advices for choosing hairstyles for round face:

  • Hairstyle for round face should be visually length the face: top proportion, lightly covered cheekbones and cheeks, vertical lines.
  • Asymmetry: parting, oblique long bang or asymmetrical hairstyle as a whole; all that would interrupt the roundness of the face hair.
  • If you want to curl your hair, do a soft wave. It is desirable that they begin below the chin.

Ladies with round faces should avoid:

  • Broad, voluminous bang. It could add extra proportion and emphasize the face width. You should prefer the bang with locks on each side or oblique extension.
  • Round lines: curls. They will emphasize the circular lines of the face. Better curl the ends of long hair.
  • Sharp lines among the cheeks and cheekbones. It will visually expand the face.
  • Parted and any kind of horizontal lines. Parting – this is your option!
  • Monochromatic hair coloring. Especially plain dark hair gives additional proportion on a face. Highlighting or coloration, on the contrary, will make your way of style more ease.

Short haircuts

Ladies with a round face should not to be afraid of short haircuts. The main thing is choosing of a hairstyle, which should give the amazing characteristics for your face. Its important to learn about styling of your new haircut properly as well. Short cuts should be avoided only by a tall woman.

Multilayer haircut

This could be a haircut with ragged tips and oblique bang, haircut cascade of “creative chaos” – casually arranged strands. The hair below the chin and cheeks should cover them a little bit. The ideal combination with layered hairstyles is the highlighting and coloring.

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