The Most Fashionable Hairstyles for Women

That hairstyle predetermines the style and image of a girl. Choosing the right hairstyle and hair color can be good to turn it into a beautiful woman, but a bad choice can ruin its appearance, making the invisible, faded too eccentric or vulgar. Therefore, the choice of their hairstyles must be approached very seriously and do not make hasty decisions independent. 2016 year opens a new fashion season in hairdressing. Look stylish and modern this year are holders of any hair length.

Short hairstyles are still very fashionable

Short haircuts are not only looked playful and charm, but also very easy to clean. But to cut short hair can be just the girls who it allows face shape (oval or heart) and hair structure.

  1. Square hairstyles

This is a classic, which for decades did not go out of fashion. Each season we see a square on the catwalks of the world, but with minor variations stylish. This year it may be perfectly smooth flat square, layered bob or bob with bangs.

  1. Graduated haircuts

This season, they are at the peak of popularity. The layered hairstyles so you can create the volume, even with an average density of hair. This hairstyle is not only easy to maintain but also has many original options pilings.

  1. Long bangs around a face

Being a brave girl, you can choose a short hairstyle with long bangs falling over her face. It can be a flat structure and graded.

  1. Raised bangs

The stylish accent of the season can be raised by means of a varnish, bangs up. It can be any length and structure, creating a playful and youth image.

Medium haircuts are also in a trend

Haircuts by the average length of hair go for everybody, regardless of age, face shape and density. These hairstyles can be easily changed with the help of different kinds of packings, creating new images every day:

  1. Cascade or grading hairstyles

This is an easy way to change your hairstyle a bit, without sacrificing the overall length of the hair. They add volume to thin hair and shape – thick.

  1. Bob hairstyles by the average length

Smooth and even quads – the most popular hairstyle medium length hair in this year. It can be decorated with interesting accents: make a side parting, a bang, a small fleece top strands. This hairstyle has many variations stylish hair styling for all occasions.

Long hairstyles are good for everyone

Long hair and well-groomed at all times look luxurious and fashionable, and this season is no exception. Long hair the past few years at the top of popularity.

  1. Cascade haircut

Graduated strands should be done taking into account the structure of hair, density and shape of the face. Depending on this, the cascade may be in the tips of the hair or the entire length.

  1. Long bangs

If you have straight hair is beautiful, it is better to refrain from the stage and make fashionable this season, thick bangs. Its length can be any – as below the eyebrows and very short to give a person the freshness.

  1. Coloration of long hair

2016 is a year of natural and natural colors. This effect can be achieved with natural dyes or shading colors, but not at home. Especially popular this season is black, chocolate, red and blond.

It is very complicated but popular technology among celebrities. It adds volume to fine hair, and dull colors – brightness. 3D essence in selecting three colors, which in turn dyed hair, not all but only some of the strands. It looks expensive, luxurious and fashionable.

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