Tips for Styling Black Curly Hairstyles

How to put up with black curly hair? The degree of curly hair depends on the shape of the hair follicle and the angle relative to the surface of the head. So perfectly straight follicle, located perpendicular to the scalp gives us a perfectly straight hair. If the hair bulb is located at an angle to the head surface, then it will be released from the hair wavy. But if the follicle is S-shaped, and even at this very rough, these follicles produce much curly hair, which are cut flattened shape in contrast to the circular lines.

Accordingly, wavy hair or straighten put a little bit easier than curly, especially if the hair has curly brown hair. This fact is caused by the thickness of the hair. Thus, blondes have the thinnest hair and straighten it would be easier, a little thicker – brunettes and brown-haired women have the thickest. So, defining their degree of black curly hair, learn to stack them correctly.

Black curly hairstyle is the best worn in an elongated hair, then under its own weight, they’ll look a little straighter. Conversely, short-cropped, they will rise up mercilessly twisting forming a hairstyle “Angela Davis”, which is not every type of person.

Using a hair dryer, direct the air stream must be a top-down direction of hair growth. An excellent result gives the use of a diffuser. In general, try to dry your hair in a natural way, and a hairdryer to use only in extreme situations.

For the most optimal curly hair comb with a few teeth or comb, though many prefer to use the owner’s curls brush that are fundamentally wrong.

Choose a hairstylist, too, with curly hair. It is believed that only one who can put their hair nicely is able to create masterpieces and others. Naturally, that the barber, who by nature has curly hair, knows exactly what haircut is right for you.

Ponytail or knot at the back as one of black curly hairstyles will do for those who are unable to grow longer hair. It’s enough to collect hair in a ponytail and either leaves it a little bit sprinkled lacquer to the hair is not scattered or tighten the tail into a knot and tighten the ribbon.

Finally, do not get too much time to spend on hair styling in rainy weather. In this situation, it is easier to put up and take them as they are. And who knows, maybe it was on such a day you will receive the highest number of compliments.

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