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The change in the image of idols becomes the starting point for the new fashion trends. Which ones? Haircuts stars in 2015 are striking diversity and daring stylistic solutions, but the main trend that does not hand over their positions this season – individual. We should not forget that the image of celebrities – the result of the most fashionable and creative stylists.

So, fashion in 2015, haircuts star is the best source of new and fresh ideas. The year was rich in bright and bold change the image of stars of the first magnitude. The tendency asked Ashlee Simpson and Cameron Diaz appeared before the public with a new version of haircuts – a medium length bob.

Asymmetrically arranged lightweight disheveled curls hairstyle gives freshness and youthfulness of their images. Bob-bob like a ragged, clipped feathers contours and elegant expressive “steps” looks great in combination with classic shades of blonde that these actresses are not going to change. Completely different facets spectacular short hairstyle Victoria Beckham famous shows in its own way. The title of European style icon is true.

After selecting a style, perfectly suited not only to the type of person, but the figure of Mrs. Beckham shows how diversity can be a classic silhouette bean. Her preference for the season – long, literally shoulder-length side strands, frankly distracting from the silhouette hairstyles, also underlined bright contrasting highlights. The owner of one of the most luxurious head of hair, and the general favorite of Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston this year not only starred in two highly successful films, but also set the tone in fashion to hairstyles of average length.

So beautiful as it allows you to wear loose hair strands cascading design and subtle color matching coloring. The actress has never in his long career does not become a blonde, and her luxurious hair – a great example of how effectively can look natural, delicately chosen colors.

The First Lady of Hollywood is literally captured the fashion for very short haircuts. Jennifer Lawrence, absolute rising star of American cinema and the official House of Dior try on the image of a gentle and touching short boyish haircut pixie force. Volume, with the “ragged” relief curls a completely new opened charm and personality Jennifer broke up with long hair. With a new hairstyle, she not only received new offers from producers and emphasized individuality, highlights of her young glad Hollywood stars.

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