Types of Updo Hairstyles

Usually, hairstyle updos can be done with long hair. It’s pretty simple, you need to start to weave a spike from the temple area in the direction and then create a regular braid. Then the hair can be attached gum and hair will be ready. This option is a quick hairstyle is more suitable for young girls of school age. This hairstyle is suitable even for an evening out.

Another option of updo hairstyles is simple beams. But there are different ways to look at the original. With conventional pins and rubber bands, you can collect the hair in the most intricate bundles. They can be tight or loose, located at different heights, you can do her hair with one or more of the beam. The beams can be created for different types of hair. Now the relevant French beam, smooth and tidy, also popular are the beams as a node of hair with the effect of negligence, romantic bunches of which fell a few curls, beams with braids and others.

Fast and beautiful hairstyle updo with curling hair

To create a stylish beam, divide the hair horizontally about 4 equal portions. Then, from each part of the need to roll the hair in a ponytail and twist one strong flagellum that will appear in the form of scrolling loop. The resulting beam to fix invisible. And so again with all the parts.

To create an elegant beam of a business lady, it is necessary to divide the hair into 3 parts. Part the hair at the back should be more than two sides, which for convenience are fixed pins. On the back of the head is a tight high ponytail, which repeatedly delayed harness. A small loop holding the tail end and tighten the knot. The beam is fixed and lacquered spokes. Then release the side locks. The left part of the beam to be laid on the opposite temple, consolidating its invisibility, and the same is done with the right strand. The hairstyle is ready.

Tail, bouffant and other hairstyle updos with rim and shell

It is always important to know, as many fashion styling will look more impressive if your hair beforehand to comb before creating hairstyles. This is especially true of girls with thin hair, in which the hair falls off rapidly due to the special structure of the hair. To create the bouffant hair should be separated into strands of 2-3 cm and a comb to comb the side roots. Fleece from the tips of the hair will add volume at the roots and fleece provides a solid basis for laying.

And not to spend too much time in preparation for a party or a date, always as a fallback should be at least one that requires for himself just a couple of minutes. Many famous celebrities choose these are the hairstyles “in haste.” First in the list of quick hairstyles can put a folding called “wash and go”. Its main feature is the clean hair, blow-dried.

Hairstyles updos with rim always look very feminine. The rim can be not only a separate accessory but can also be made from natural hair braids. The easiest way to do hairstyle with rim – is to dissolve the hair and put on the ring closer to the top, all the hair should be removed from his face. If you leave a couple of bangs or release locks, hair will have a completely different look. Also, the rim can be used together with a ponytail or a high beam in such a rim can be a key element of hairstyles.

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