What Are Down Hairstyles?

Down hairstyles look incredibly elegant and feminine. This frightening complexity of the many such seemingly filigrees weaving. Of course, it cannot be called simple, but mastering certain skills, you can create a beautiful and interesting hairdo.

The main difficulty lies in the practice of weaving in the back of the head, so to speak, touch. Of course, braid plait in down haircuts on the other person better, but in the presence of a certain proportion of practice and patience, you will learn how to weave hair falls on his head:

  1. Free locks in down hairstyles

The technique of creating beautiful curls “waterfall” depends on the structure and length of hair. These styling looks do not only versatile, but it is also a truly elegant and feminine.

  1. Curls in down hairstyles

To create a placement, you’ll need curlers medium or large size. Divide hair into triangular sections, thinner than a strand, the more tight turn curl. Screw locks in curlers. To create a live image, you can use the curlers of various sizes, placing larger curlers in the back of the head, and smaller – from the front. After the curlers cool, screw a lock on a finger and Clip Available to locks engaged. It will take about an hour. Dissolve the hair, apply hairspray. If you want to create soft and flowing curls in front of the head, wheel locks can be screwed or curling iron is.

  1. Curls and the bobby style in down haircuts

Curls hold more if the wind hair after a shower while they are still moist or specially sprinkle them with water. Divide hair into strands and sprinkle them with hairspray. Twirl hair in small bundles and fix invisible. It is best to carry out these manipulations at night, cover the head with a scarf or a wide scarf and go to bed. You should not cheat too wet hair, or for the night, they will not have time to dry. If in the morning you find that your hair is still damp air dry them gently, and then remove the invisible. Free hair, combed hair with your fingers. It is better not to use a comb and put his hands curls. Finally, sprinkle with curls with hairspray.

Hair should be wet or pre-moistened with water hair. Use your fingers to apply to the entire length of hair means protecting your hair from the effects of high temperatures. To give extra volume at the roots of the hair, apply mousse. Divide hair into strands of the desired thickness; wrap each strand in turn around the top of the ironing, winding it up until it almost touches the scalp. After a few seconds, release the lock. If desired, the contour of the face can be screwed into smaller curls.

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